Wildfire and Wildlife

Dear Bachelor Gulch Property Owner,
The Bachelor Gulch Village Association and Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District are working in conjunction with Public Safety and Beaver Creek Mountain Operations to continue support of a healthy forest in the areas surrounding the community. Supporting healthy forest growth is part of our wildfire mitigation efforts. Similar efforts are also underway in Beaver Creek and Arrowhead.

In conjunction with these efforts, we would like to encourage all Bachelor Gulch residents to obtain a free Wildfire Assessment. In certain instances for extensive work, a compliance deposit and/or other provisions of the Construction Activity and Compliance Deposit Regulation may be required.

Residents wishing to remove trees on their property without a Wildfire Assessment still will be required to submit a complete application and fee to the Design Review Administration.

Public Safety has identified the following local resources to perform the Wildfire Hazard Assessment for an individual’s personal property. All resident’s and Homeowner’s Associations are strongly encouraged to take the necessary steps to mitigate potential existing fire hazards on their property.

Please contact Jeff Zechman or Eric Lovgren for further information.

We would like to remind everyone that Bachelor Gulch does have a policy restricting open fires. The policy states:  “No outdoor wood-burning fire pits are allowed within Bachelor Gulch Village, with the exception of the Village Core. No open fires shall be lighted or permitted on any Property except in the contained barbecue unit while attended and in use for cooking purposes or within a safe and well-designed gas burning device, which may include a well-designed gas fire pit approved by the Design Review Board”

Thank you for your assistance with keeping Bachelor Gulch safe. Have a wonderful Summer.

The Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District hires Old Growth Tree Service (OGTS) as the community arborist, and to assist in our Healthy Forest/Wildfire Mitigation efforts. OGTS is very familiar with the prescriptions identified to promote the Healthy Forest within your property boundaries. For more information please call 970-401-0274

Prescribed Forestry Actions Information


Bachelor Gulch has now been awarded a Firewise Community designation by the Colorado State Forester. Click on the attached links below for information on becoming a firewise home and firewise community.

Becoming a Firewise Home

Becoming a Firewise Community

Wildfire Mitigation Plan

Wildfire Evacuation Plan

Bachelor Gulch Village Association 2019 Certificate

Public Safety would like to remind all property owners that bears and other wildlife are coming out of hibernation and are hungry. As we all know, the bears were very active in the community last summer and fall. The Division of Wildlife is willing to work with all communities to manage potential bear problems, but needs the active support of homeowners.

The main issue the Department of Wildlife is trying to address is the abundant supply of trash as a food source. It used to be that it was rare for a bear to have more than one cub at a time, but with the abundant supply of trash available to fatten them up, they are seeing three and sometimes four cubs with one mother, which adds to the bear population and problems, Add to this, the fact that the mother will bring the cubs don for food sources she remembers, thus training them in the habit.

Removing the bears does not ultimately solve the problem; no matter how far away they have hauled problem bears, the bears find their way back to what they remember is a food source. DOW has trapped a bear, hauled it out into the middle of the flat tops, and within a day, the bear is back in some community causing the same problem. DOW’s rule is two strikes and you are out, unless the bear is aggressive, then it’s the first strike and you’re out.

Bachelor Gulch Village Association in cooperation with the Division of Wildlife has adopted the “Wildlife Regulations” that require only approved bread resistive trash containers and that trash may be put out only the day of pickup. Bachelor Gulch Public Safety routinely monitors for trash violations and assesses fines for repeat offenders.

The Division of Wildlife recommends the following:

  • All trash must be in bear proof containers and only placed out on the day of pickup. Make sure latches are secure when putting trash cans out for pickup.
  • All food sources such as dog food and bird feeders should be removed from outside of the home. While a homeowner may place a bird feeder where a bear cannot reach it, the bird feeder will still attract bears to your home.
  • Close and lock doors into your home. Many of the bear invasions have happened when homeowners have left doors open and the bear came through the screen into the home. Bears will paw a door that they want to go through and lever door handles are an easy way for bears to open your door. Please Lock Them!
  • Close and lock lower windows into your home. Even small openings in a window will allow the bear to pull the window open. 
  • If you need to leave a window open for ventilation, place nail tack strips or nail boards on the window sill or below the window. When the bear places its paw on the window or below the window, the bear will be stuck by the nails and leave your home.

Bachelor Gulch Public Safety has a bear deterrent program and will be patrolling the community 24 hours a day looking for any potential bear problems. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Bachelor Gulch Public Safety at (970)845-2345

Division of Wildlife has provided the following pamphlets for further information:  Living with Bears, Living with Mountain Lions, and General Wildlife Tips