Governing Documents

All building contractors must submit plans to the Design Review Board at (970)754-3140 and to the Public Safety Department at (970) 754-2345. Failure to receive approvals from these agencies could result in strict fines and penalties. Road cuts, repairs or alterations to any public road within the District must be approved by the Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District Board. Please call Dave Berg at (970) 390-8550 for preliminary plan review and submittal of this Application. The Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District is responsible for the preservation and stewardship of certain easements and rights-of-way for roadways, water facilities, cable and other purposes throughout Bachelor Gulch. The Easements are public property and generally cannot be used for private Property Owners purposes or uses. Most lots have Easements around some or all of the property lines and there are invariably occasions where a Property Owner may request an opportunity to encroach into and onto an Easement. Property Owners must submit an Encroachment Agreement for review and consideration of approval by the Board of Directors prior to effecting the encroachment. Please contact the Manager-Dave Berg at [email protected] or 970-748-4646 for review before an Encroachment Agreement is submitted.